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6 spots available for Online Course Creators & Coaches

Our signature Brand Authority package plus 4 free bonuses to support you in selling out your next launch

Enrollment ends Friday, January 28th 3pm EST

online course creators
and coaches,

social media content for your launch. done.

Our service was crafted specifically for online course creators and coaches. Together we’ll strategically produce teachable content that speaks to the target audience that is most likely to purchase your online course. Each social post will communicate your expertise while giving bite-sized lessons to your audience.

It’s one thing to make social posts that are beautiful, while it’s A WHOLE ’NOTHER THING to produce posts that align directly with your offer. It’s about turning followers into customers and creating posts that lead to sales. That’s exactly what we focus on at Content Crop, content with strategy behind every post.

our service is different

With our signature Brand Authority service we take your video/audio files and we’re able to strategically create posts that are authentic to you and your unique brand voice.

If you have IG Lives, Coaching calls, Lessons from your online course, Podcast interviews, Videos on Youtube, Past speaking engagements, or any other audio or video content, then you have all we need to make social media posts that are highly shareable.

Our process in 4 key steps:

here’s what’s included

One-On-One Strategy Calls

We have a one-on-one strategy session to gather key info on your offer, marketing funnel, goals, ideal client, positioning and brand voice.

($250 value)

Content Curation Done-For-You

We curate your content by combing through your video and audio files and finding the best pieces of high value micro-content based on the insights collected during the strategy session.

($1,000 value)

Templates Designed to Match Your Branding

We custom design 3 template bundles to match your branding. The templates are used as the foundation for your posts.

($1,500 value)

A Month’s Worth of Custom Designed Posts

How does posting 6 times every week on Instagram sound? How would showing up consistently affect your business? We’ll have your posts designed and ready to post.

($1,500 value)

Captions Written in Your Brand Voice

As a bonus, we include draft captions written in your unique brand voice.
Hashtags are also included at no extra charge!

($1,500 value)

Assets Ready-To-Post on Every Platform

We deliver mp4 and pngs ready-to-post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Reels, Pinterest, FB Ads, and within your email marketing

($1,500 value)

All Subtitles are Included

Stop spending hours fumbling with editing transcriptions. Our expert transcribers add subtitles to every video/audio post we create and make sure they align with every word.

($200 value)

We Manage the Team While You Focus on Your Launch

We manage our talented team of designers, copywriters, curators, video editors, and transcribers so you can focus on your craft.


+ 4 Additional Bonuses

A complete, step-by-step plan showing you how to turn your follows into customers to amplify your results and increase your ROI

($379 value)

The sales page blueprint to ensure you capture the sale from each new follower. We’ll give you the secrets we’ve learned from designing sales pages that have generated over 15 million dollars in revenue.

($249 value)

Content scheduling framework + checklist so you know how to effectively schedule your content or get a VA to schedule it all for you

($49 value)

Action plan with detailed steps and examples on how to grow your email list between launches so you continue to nurture your community before asking for the sale

($179 value)

Total Value $8,306

Your Investment is Only $1797

*Content Crop is a monthly service that you can pause or cancel at any time. Some clients have us nurture their audience between launches and others want us just for the big splash of their launch. It’s up to you!


new year new launch promo

The Brand Authority Package

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll receive:

All of your social posts created every month for your launch, ready-to-post, completely hands off, including caption copy.



+ one time kick-off fee

You'll feel confident starting the new year with some major goals already checked off your list:

Give us just 90 minutes and we’ll give you all the social assets you’ll need, customized to your launch!

With our 7 day money back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose.

Instead, you’ll gain:

  • Massive confidence from nailing your content strategy
  • Tons of relief knowing your content is fully handled
  • Countless hours of time back to your schedule
  • Access to a fully hands-ON team of high-quality design and curation experts

Don’t spend another year in the same never-ending-cycle of trying to create content all on your own and feeling like it’s never enough.

Hand us your video or audio files and let us create luxe, premium content for you each month.

Imagine never having to think about what to post again!

Start 2022 off right by posting consistently with content that’s authentic to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many brands do you allow per account?

You can use Content Crop for as many brands as you would like. If you choose a package includes a custom template bundle, you can use each of the templates for different brands. If you’d like more templates, just let us know and we can add them on for an additional fee.

I also need help with my social media strategy... can I get your guidance?

Yes! Our Brand Authority package include a bonus strategy call with Content Crop co-founder, Krystle Rowry.  This call will help us nail down your goals and make sure we’re creating content to fuel the results you desire.

How does the 7-day money back guarantee work?

The Content Crop service was built to fuel your growth on social, but if for any reason you don’t love it, let us know within 7 days and we’ll refund your payment.

How long are the videos I receive?

There’s no limit to the length of the video you can submit, but the final videos you receive in your graphic suite will be no longer than 2 minutes.

I manage multiple social media accounts. Can I use this service for my clients?

Absolutely! The Brand Authority packages is best for those who need content created throughout the week. If you’d like more templates for the brands you manage, just let us know and we can add them on for an additional fee.

Can you write my caption and hashtags?

Yes! We include the caption for your post and applicable hashtags as a bonus within the Brand Authority Package.

Will you create content for Instagram Reels and TikTok?

Yes we do! Our packages include video assets that can be posted on Instagram Reels and Tiktok.  We can’t wait to see your sales + engagement skyrocket!

Krystle Rowry
Geáda Ford

About Us

Meet the Founders

Krystle Rowry and Geáda Ford are the founders of Content Crop: a creative digital marketing agency all about helping small business owners get ahead. As two women of color with decades of combined experience, we founded Content Crop to bring our design sensibilities to the table and put them to work for you.

Our mission: giving women just like you some room to breathe by taking aspects of design and digital marketing off your plate. We know that consistently showing up on social media nets significant results, so we’re here to help you get it done–without investing a fortune in a marketing agency.

We have tons of experience working with high-end personal brands like Marie Forleo, Issa Rae, Martha Stewart, Janet Mock, and Amber Rae. We know what it takes to establish your place in the digital world by making you and your products unique and recognizable.

Branding is what we do. We love helping growing businesses prosper, and we’re looking forward to seeing how we can impact your business.

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