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Social media copywriter

Let's write scroll-stopping, highly shareable social media posts, together with our team at, by creating engaging and captivating copywriting. We'll provide 1-2min clips and you write the copy!

Here’s a list of what you’ll work on:
– Punchy, pithy, curiosity- driven headlines for modern marketing videos
– Pulling and paraphrasing the best quote copy to turn into posts
– Researching client’s voice and reviewing strategy notes to create captions  

We will begin working with 3-5 freelancers immediately and plan to move forward with working with 1-2 freelancers part-time to full-time consistently. Thanks for reading about this job and excited to start working with you

Krystle Rowry
Geáda Ford

About Us

Meet the Founders

Krystle Rowry and Geáda Ford are the founders of Content Crop: a creative digital marketing agency all about helping small business owners get ahead. As two women of color with decades of combined experience, we founded Content Crop to bring our design sensibilities to the table and put them to work for you.

Our mission: giving women just like you some room to breathe by taking aspects of design and digital marketing off your plate. We know that consistently showing up on social media nets significant results, so we’re here to help you get it done–without investing a fortune in a marketing agency.

We have tons of experience working with high-end personal brands like Marie Forleo, Issa Rae, Martha Stewart, Janet Mock, and Amber Rae. We know what it takes to establish your place in the digital world by making you and your products unique and recognizable.

Branding is what we do. We love helping growing businesses prosper, and we’re looking forward to seeing how we can impact your business.

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