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Investing Coach and Course Creator

Our team at Content Crop helped Teri show up consistently on Instagram by designing highly shareable posts along with engaging captions. We used her existing video content to develop video posts for IGTV as well as quote cards for her audience to share. The designs we created for Teri brought a premium feel to her brand.

We curated social media content from her existing videos to strategically build her audience. We sought to create posts that spoke directly to those who wanted to learn how stock investing can fund their dreams.

We built Teri’s posts to expand her audience to funnel into higher attendance of Teri’s Trade and Travel webinars. This post was highly shared and gained over 19k views!

Teri has increased her following from 111k to 136k since posting the first post we created for her on May 30, 2021.

Social posts designed for

Audria Richmond

Launch Strategist and Course Creator

Content Crop helped Audria increase her engagement on Instagram by designing video posts that spoke directly to her audience. We used her existing podcasts and video content to develop highly sharable video posts that packed a ton of value in under 2 minutes. We designed templates based on her existing branding which helped Audria bring a cohesive brand presence on all of her social platforms.

We spoke with Audria to make sure we were curating social media that her audience would love.  Audria’s posts focused on how to amplify your business with her expertise in marketing and brand strategy.

Audria has increased her following from 69k to 80k since posting the first post we created for her on May 24, 2021. This post has been so widely shared, it’s almost at 23k views!

Social posts designed for

Ash Johns

Certified psychospiritual life coach, ancestral healer, and conscious business strategist

Ash came to Content Crop to help her post consistently on Instagram while still maintaining her authentic voice. We designed templates that upleveled her brand and used her existing video content to develop video posts that were true to her.

Ash’s posts were made to strategically generate more attention for her Healing is Happening membership group. These circles are a virtual healing space specifically for people to explore the intersections of personal, ancestral and collective healing and learn tools for emotional wellness.  We curated social media content that captures her special energy her clients feel during their group sessions. This helps grow her audience while the designs captured her radiance. This post is a great example of the kinds of content her audience liked to share.

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